Re-Inventing the Corner Store

The success of many major businesses can be attributed to the successful implementation of technology to streamline business operations. The aim of the solution is to level the technological playing field. Small businesses will have access to technology that will allow them to keep track of their sales and inventory management information. Access to data analytics will enable data-driven decision making in each of the businesses.

The platform will also enable ecosystems around the corner stores thus creating markets for small producers and drive job creation for locals. To improve the buying power of small businesses, the solution enables the creation of cooperatives that can buy inventory on behalf of the affiliate businesses. Proper implementation of the solution will improve the competitiveness of small business and enhance their chances of survival in a market dominated by big retailers.

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Author: Busi Radebe

Busi RadebeBusi grew up in Bekkersdal, a township west of Johannesburg, South Africa. His career started in the gold mining industry in the early 90s. At the time of leaving the mining industry, he was a shift supervisor responsible for managing multiple teams executing underground mining operations. These operations included tunnel development and extraction of gold bearing mineral resources. In 2001 Busi joined Accenture as a Business Analyst focusing on the design and implementation of technology systems. He worked with a number of clients in the Public Sector in South Africa. He focused mainly on the implementation of technology in the area of elections management.

When leaving Accenture, Busi was already a Senior Executive in Accenture’s Health and Public Service Operating Group. Busi is currently working for one of the major banks in South Africa. He is focusing on projects in the payments area. These include the implementation of a regional payments settlement system, cross-border payments, including regulatory reporting, and collections.

Busi holds a National Diploma in Metalliferous Mining from Technikon Witwatersrand, a B.Sc. Electro-Mechanical Engineering (with first class honors) degree from University of Cape Town and an MBA from the University of Witwatersrand Business School.