The Trillion-Dollar Opportunity: Visibility into Human Potential as a Pathway to Inclusive Growth

New technologies are providing greater visibility into underlying workforce competencies and have the potential to create more efficient, effective, diverse and inclusive talent markets. We are pioneering the application of these technologies in the Philippines, which is enjoying a period of high growth and political stability, and has an unprecedented opportunity to enable its population to both participate in economic growth and prosper. We believe that these emerging technologies can be used to usher in a new wave of inclusive growth by measuring otherwise unobservable traits and competencies, and using that information to create educational and professional opportunities for those who traditionally lack the access, resources and relationships to participate in the current system to their full potential – setting the stage for a new era of meritocracy enabling more Filipinos to prosper.

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Author: Gretchen Phillips

Gretchen is the Chief Executive Officer of GenerationHope, a consumer products company that reinvests its profits in innovative programming for the economic advancement of Filipinos. She was previously an appointee in Obama Administration, where she served as a Senior Advisor on Development and Foreign Assistance at the U.S. Department of State. From 2005 – 2013, Gretchen was with McKinsey & Company, where she helped build the Social Sector Office and was a leader in the agribusiness and economic development practices. During this time, she took a sabbatical to work in leadership roles at two non-profits, PRADAN in India, and TechnoServe in Washington DC. Gretchen started her career at Goldman, Sachs & Company, where she was a member of the International Finance team in their Capital Markets Group. Gretchen is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and has served on several advisory and statutory boards, including TechnoServe (India) and PRADAN (USA). She holds a Masters in International Development from Harvard University and has an A.B. in Economics, Spanish and Latin American Studies, summa cum laude, from Duke University. Gretchen currently resides in Manila with her husband and two children.